…the SKaLA…

SKaLATaRNET (photo) is a hut (merely a tower) on a 1848 m mountain Skala (see picture left on top) in Norway. The Skala tower (Skalatarnet) is well-known and very popular amongst the fittest bringing you along a steap trail to the beautiful view point.

Skalatarnet was built in 1891, after initiative of Dr. Kloumann, the district doctor. A large effort was put into building a trail all the way to the top. This involved making “stairs” in the rockier terrain. The tower was meant to be a recovery facility for people with tubercolosis. Although isolation might have been a good idea at the time, the choice of location is mind-boggling. The hut is today operated by Bergen Turlag, in association with DNT (The Norwegian Mountain Touring Asscociation).

It’s one of the hardest uphills in entire Norway! Approx. 1800m straight up. Together with my oldest son I was at that top in 1998. Sensational walk…

and a unforgettable, panoramic view.



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